Does my application need to be submitted in English?

  • Yes, all applications must be submitted in English. 

Can I apply for more than one Roddenberry initiative at a time? 

  • No, you may only apply for one Roddenberry Foundation initiative at a time.

Can I re-apply for an initiative? What if I already received a grant?

  • If your project has evolved since you last applied, you may re-apply for the initiative. However, if you have already received a grant from the Foundation, you are no longer eligible to apply for another grant. 

Does the Roddenberry Foundation own my idea/project if I apply? 

  • No, we do not own your idea/project if you apply. You remain the sole owner of your own work and all associated IP. 

Is my application saved in the portal? Can I review past applications? 

  • Yes, within the application portal you can review all applications that were submitted after May 2019. Any applications submitted before May 2019 are unfortunately not available. 

Who do I contact if I have tech questions? 

  • You can send a question within the application portal in the Message Center. Someone will be in touch with you during business hours. Please *don’t* hit us up on all the channels (social, email, snail mail, etc.) - we will get back to you as soon as possible via the message center. 

When will I hear back if I have received a grant? 

  • Timelines for grant announcements vary per initiative. We recommend you check out the website and FAQ of the program you have applied for. 

Where do I find the FAQ of each program?